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Our name says it all! You have entered the iTech Products where you are able to choose from a wide range of products! See how easy it is to order a complete turnkey solution that is built on 18 years of experience.

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No other CCTV company can claim this!  Our systems are equipped with built-in intelligence and numerous features that improve the quality of video, while conforming to the legal standards and formats required by law enforcement and other government agencies. Check out our solutions and services option, as well as the FAQs section where you will find in-depth knowledge about the vast CCTV/DVR technology, and in particular, our products and solutions. Rest assured of our pricing, our parent company is an international manufacturer, importer and distributor of Surveillance systems. Let us ship you our quality products today!


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Hybrid 4 Port 30fps (Stackable: 4 Cards = 120fps)
Hybrid 4 Port 30fps (Stackable: 4 Cards = 120fps)


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Video Features



Search & Playback & Backup

Remote Web Access



Alarm Notifications (on motion detected, video loss and/or sensor triggered)

User Access

System Requirements

PC: All Windows PCs

CPU: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or higher

Motherboard with Intel 865, 875, 915, 945 Chipset (VIA/SiS/Ali chipset motherboards not supported) (Recommended Intel, ASUS, Gigabyte motherboards)

OS: Windows 2000 / XP Professional (XP Pro recommended) / Vista Professional

RAM: 512MB or higher

32-bit PCI 2.1 compliant bus slot

HDD: 80GB or higher


32-bit high color SVGA graphics card with at least 64MB video memory and DirectDraw / YUV Rendering Capability (AGP recommended)

10/100 Base-T Ethernet card

Sound card and speakers

Package Includes

* Specifications subject to change without notice

* Specifications listed are for Version 5.7 SP2 or above

* Intel, Pentium, Microsoft, Windows, VIA, SiS, ALi, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows Smart Phone are registered trademarks of the respective companies


    • 4 ~ 16 composite video inputs (BNC Connectors)
    • 1 IP Camera Access (Selected IP Cameras)
    • Video Format: NTSC and PAL
    • Support 352x240 and 640x480, or 720x480 pixels (NTSC/PAL) 16-bit true color
    • RCA composite video out to a regular terminal or TV monitor
    • Supports static as well as dynamic de-interlacing for smoother graphics
    • Built in noise reduction algorithm
    • Adjustable frame rate and resolution on each camera
    • Auto Scan with full screen display under 1, 4, 8, 9, 16-camera display modes
    • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras
    • Auto Gain Control (AGC) balances image quality
    • Software based night view function enhances low light condition
    • Video compression: MPEG4 / MPEG4 H.264 / M-JPEG
    • Supports 352x240, 640x240, 720x480
    • Fully de-interlace in 640x480 and 720x480 modes (algorithms enhanced for static or dynamic scenes)
    • Recording modes: Alarm trigger / Motion
    • Detection / Continuous / Schedule / Voice detection recording
    • Programmable multiple masking zones
    • Intelligent shield protects privacy
    • Max 4 audio channels recording
    • Capable of recording audio channel(s) with full synchronization
    • Auto recycling when storage nearing full
    • Intelligent pre-motion and post motion recording
    • Supports Video Encryption for secured remote viewing
    • Real time playback without having to disable recording/network functions
    • Powerful search: by date, time, camera, area, event, vision, POS text or log file
    • Full screen playback
    • Complete playback control: playback, backward playback, fast forward/backward playback, forward/backward frame-by-frame playback
    • Digital zoom into any designated area
    • Export a single frame into a file or print out
    • Set a segment and have it output as avi or mpeg video clip
    • Visual search by day, hour, minute, second
    • Bookmark search: By time, description. Protect recorded file from being recycled and show file status
    • Supports direct backup to DVD-RW / CD-RW (Requires Nero Ultra 6.0+ on the NV PC)
    • Simultaneous multiple remote live/recorded surveillance via Internet Explorer 6
    • Backup remotely
    • Central management server controls multiple DVRs
    • Remote monitoring / remote recording / playback remote recording / playback server recording
    • Full control of PTZ cameras remotely
    • Two-way audio communication
    • PDA handy view (Windows CE 3.0 / Pocket PC 2002 or above) and Windows Smart Phones
    • 1,4,9 and 16 screen divisions
    • Remote E-map
    • Choose from dial-up, Internet or Lan speed
    • Dispatch server allows you to broadcast video stream to the public
    • DDNS function supports dynamic IP
    • Record, Network enable, backup, reboot, and alarm
    • One time or weekly repeat schedule
    • Scheduling can be done down to every quarter of an hour
    • Showing the positions and status of camera, sensor, and relay
    • Extend to 8 maps
    • E-mail notifications
    • FTP notifications
    • Voice modem call out notification
    • Turn relay on (light switch, alarm, etc)
    • Plays warning sound (can be re-recorded)
    • Start recording on multiple cameras (capture video from different angle)
    • Send TV-out signals
    • Launch E-Map
    • Enlarge camera view
    • Send SMS/MMS (Requires SMS Modem)
    • Sends Event to Central Monitoring Server
    • Alert messages helps security follow proper standard operational procedures
    • Hard Disk Failed
    • Launch external programs
    • POS keyword trigger
    • Alarm Reset
    • Trigger based on missing or suspicious object detected
    • Trigger based on scene changes
    • Setup as many users as you like with their own individual passwords
    • Each user can be preconfigured to perform only certain actions (eg. access specific cameras remotely)
    • 1 NV3000 Card
    • 1 Watchdog cable
    • 1 Video Signal Cable
    • 1 Quick User Guide
    • 1 Installation CD (includes drivers, application program, manual)
  • Included: IP Cameras support - Support various IP Cameras & Remote DVR Cameras


  • Included: Video Enhancer - Enhance highest-level video quality with latest technologies


  • Included: Video Encryption - Encryption of video algorithms for security purposes


  • Included: POS Integration - Post transaction data on the image for recording and search by keywords


  • Included: Attention Please (patent pending ) - Enable dialogs to trace if operator pays attention to security monitor


  • Included: Direct Burn - Support direct burn to DVD-RW discs


  • Included: CM3000 Basic - Four monitor display Central Management System support up to 16 DVRs (256 channels)


  • Included: WebCam - Enable remote viewing through Web Browser


  • Included: PDA Viewer - Support 4-camera view, full screen and live audio


  • And much more !!

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